1. Do not spam or flood the chats this includes quoting things like 'dead chat'.

2. Please use the chats for how they are designed. E.g: gaming chat for gaming. #bot-commands  for bot commands etc. 

3. Do not beg staff for ranks or nitro. 

4. Do not bully, harass or insult other people. This includes defamation & impersonation.  

5. Do not be racist. Respect other peoples cultures.  

6. No advertising indirectly or directly. 

7. Do not submit troll staff applications. 

8. No Death threats, suicide encouragement, child exploiting, DDOS threats, and doxing. 

9. Do not threaten to grief Chill Heaven. 

10. Follow the Discord TOS: https://discordapp.com/terms  

11. Swearing is permitted as long as it is not directed at anyone and is not used excessively. 

12. Use common sense.

Please note:  If anyone is caught breaking rule 8,9 or 10 they will be reported to discord