Staff Application

Prerequisites are located below this form please read them.



We pride ourselves in having very trustworthy, loyal and active staff to monitor our discord server.
We thrive to ensure that all rules are enforced and met by the people in the discord. 

To apply for staff you must meet the following requirements:

- Be at least 14 years of age. 

- Contribute & be active within the community.

- Been apart of Chill Gardens for at least 7 days.

- Understand the rules in the Chill Gardens discord. 

- Have a moderate understanding of how discord works in general. 

- You must be mature, we do allow fun but we need to ensure our staff are ready to enforce the rules in a mature way. 

- Good English typing skills including grammar etc. 

If you meet the above requirements please fill out your application below. 

Please allow some time before receiving a response. 

- Be detailed and explain your answers.
- No need for massive paragraphs but being detailed will help. 

Chill Gardens