How do I obtain some roles?

 Take a look at the #roles channel. You require level 1+ before you can assign a colour role. 

How do I apply for staff?

Press this button and be taken to the form.

What do I get for boosting the server?

1.) 250 Daily UnbelievaBoat Cash.
2.) A spot just under staff. 

3.) More extras coming soon.

What do I do if I need help?

Ask some of our friendly staff in the discord server under #support otherwise you can lodge a support ticket via the support section on our website.

How do I level up?

 Speaking in the chats frequently. (The spam and bot channels don't give you exp) 

How do I subscribe to giveaway, event and update notifications?

 Head over to #roles and pick up the subscription roles for what notifications you require.  

How long has Chill Gardens been up?

 Chill Gardens was created/formed in 2016. 

The Network has been flowing every since then.

How can I become a donator?

 Go check out our store. Donations are welcome but never forced. 

What is that bug and that report looking role for?

🐞 Means you have reported 1 or more valid bugs which has contributed to improving the network.

📝 Means you have lodged 1 or more valid reports which has contributed to cleaning up the network.

How do I report someone?

  Lodge a support ticket via the support section on our website or use the #report chat in our discord server.

How do I contact staff in the discord?

You can contact the staff team urgently by doing @staff. Do not spam this tag. Otherwise you can submit the form below.

How do I get access to post links?

You will require the links role. This can be obtained by asking an admin or above or submitting a support ticket.

Still need more help?

If our FAQ and discord resources could not help, submit a ticket below.

What happens next?

Please allow 48 hours for us to get back to you. We will contact you via discord. If we can't contact you via discord we will email you.

Chill Gardens